Technical and Environmental Accessibility for PWD’s

ORHAN has been working for the environmental accessibility for person with disabilities to break the environmental barriers for the freedom of moment. It has produced an advocacy video clip on “Accessibility for All”. This video clip has been distributed among various stakeholders in order to make their policy decision, law decision etc, on accessibility issues.

ORHAN is always raising its voice on behalf of PWD’s on accessibility issue in various forums. It is representing the north in national council for person with disabilities (NCPD) under the ministry of social empowerment and social welfare. ORHAN has made no of suggestions, recommendations and requests at the council meetings on accessibility issues.

ORHAN is carrying out the advocacy campaign on environmental access for PWD’s continually last 10 years. It is giving pressure to the government officers to implement the government cassette, notification 2006 on rules and regulations of accessibility which is legally making bindings on the owners of the public buildings   to renovate the buildings with disabled accesses before 2014 October and making legal binding on the construction of new public building with proper disabled access.

Meantime ORHAN has been conducting no of awareness workshops on environmental access for PWD’s to various stakeholders like government officers, NGOs ,CBOs and PWD’s. Practically, it has constructed no of disabled friendly toilets with disabled access with the support of various donors such as northern  province health ministry, Senthil kumaran relief organisation, OXFAM etc.

It has constructed and its constructing model inclusive education units in government school  to improve the environmental access for children with disabilities attending government mainstream school .British Asian trust (BAT) has been providing financial contribution to stabilized 12 model units in 12 education zones of northern province. This is a strong advocacy tool too, to encouraged the government to stabilize such inclusive education units in other schools ,following the stabilized model units by the project.


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