Socio –Economic development and medical rehabilitation of PWD’s:


“Puthuvalvu poonga” Special school for children with intellectual disabilities.

This school is a training centre for mentally challenged children stabilized by ORHAN in 2004.Currently 75 children with intellectual disabilities are trained in daily living skills (DLS) by the trained teachers. One head recourse teacher, 11 Resource teachers and 03 non-academic staff are directly serving for the children.

The main object of the school is to improve the daily living skills of the children, such as dressing, bathing, brushing etc. in addition to DLS training, children are provided with no of therapies such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, play therapy, yoga therapy etc in order to build up their mental and physical capacities. Lunch, milk, illaikkanchchi are provided to the children daily to maintain their nutritional level. Annual medical screening, continuous medical treatment, medication are also provided to maintain their health condition.

All rehabilitation activities are community base rehabilitation .Therefore the children are not provided with hostel facilities. They are brought by  buses to the school every day and send back to their home in order to be with their family members. Therefore the school does not separate the children from their own born community.

Our 02 main donors are ORHAN SRI LANKA U.K and British Asian trust. We are supported by some other small donors like STA, MIOT, Organization Tamil Cultural Activities and Charity Centre etc. Numbers of local well-wishers are also providing their tremendous supports to run the school continually.

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Vocational Training center 

ORHAN stabilized its vocational   training centre in 2006 with the support of world university services of Canada. This centre is a registered   centre with Tertiary and vocational Education Commission (TVEC) of Sri Lanka. (Register no.21/009) It has course accelerations from TVEC for the following courses,

  1. Computer hard ware course.
  2. Computer graphic designer course
  3. Information communication technology
  4. Computer Application Assistant course


This centre has Infrastructure facilities such as furniture, tools and equipment’s, class room etc to conduct 03 courses (25 trainees / batch) at a time.

The centre has well trained staff and instructors for the courses. It conducts courses based on the curriculum and training modules of TVEC. It is training all the trainees to obtain national vocational qualification (NVQ) certificate.

The main object of the centre is to provide decent job in the labour market through quality vocational training of competence based trading (CBT) by providing decent jobs, the centre expects to increase the standard of living of unemployed youth through income generation from their decent job. ORHAN has completed number of batches in accredited and non-accredited courses and number of trainees received trainings from the centre are currently involving and earning from their trained jobs. Number of donors such as WUSC, ILO, NCFPF, YGRO, World Bank, STA, .. Are continually supporting our vocational training programs.

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  • WUSC
  • ILO
  • YGRO

Livelihood Project

ORHAN has been implementing several livelihood programs for its target group – persons with disabilities in order to build up their standard of living and to protect and promote their rights for livelihood.

Generally, it issues application forms to the entire person with disabilities through their relevant Grama Sevaga Nilatharies(GN’s) ,to apply for livelihood assistance from ORHAN. All received application are examined  by a committee consisting ORHAN’S staff , Donor’s staff , and government officers, in order to select more appropriate applicants for livelihood assistance . Some set out selection criteria are used for beneficiary’s selection.

The capacity of the family of a selected beneficiary is assets through a family assessment after selection. If the family has capacity to carry out the livelihood ,the business plan is drawn with the support of the beneficiary through business plan work shop. Physical and mental capacity building are also provided through the workshop in order to prepare the beneficiary to involve him/her in his/her selected livelihood effectively.  livelihood packages/ inputs are provided by the projects. Necessary infrastructure development  are also provided to carry out the livelihood activity smoothly. Proper technical supports, mentoring support, psychosocial counselling support and business counselling support are also given to the beneficiary during the implementation of the project. Continuous monitoring and evaluation are carried out by the field officers. The main object of the livelihood projects are to build up the standard of living of person with disabilities and their families through their own business. ORHAN encourages the beneficiary to carry out market oriented business rather than carrying out livelihoods for self-consumption. Number of beneficiaries have increased their standard of living with the support of ORHAN’s project.

ORHAN is nearly 18 years’ experience in running livelihoods project with the support of several donors.

AJWS,UNDP,ZOA,USAID, under SPICE project,SLCDF ,OXFAM, CARE international, DRC etc, are our donors sponsored our livelihood programs in the past and present.


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  • AJWS
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