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Considering the history of the district, Vavuniya is one of the affected districts, suffered much in the civil war in Sri Lanka. As a result, the number of persons with disabilities proportionately, increased. Furthermore, until 1999, there was neither rehabilitation nor registered non – governmental organizations existed to help the disabled and handicapped community.

From various other districts, especially from Jaffna district, people displaced by the war moved, even so, the handicapped who were led in to the situation, felt the miserable condition in the Vavuniya district. Those few handicapped persons professionally stable and steady, found that a rehabilitation organization is vital to empower their co – persons with disabilities. Their membership and experience from other institutions initiated a foreground to make all their efforts effective efficient towards the rehabilitation.

Mrs. Mary Ann Emelda the Vavuniya Divisional Secretary at the time pointed out the necessity for an organization for persons with disabilities in Vavuniya at the celebration of International Disable Day celebrated by Vavuniya divisional secretariat, held on 12.12.1998.

Hence the later part of 1998, some well wishers who concerned about persons with disabilities suggested the Government Agent (Mr.K.Ganesh was during that period) about the necessity of an organization to empower the persons with disabilities in Vavuniya Disatrict.

Then, the Government Agent proposed that idea his officials to call a public meeting. According to that Divisional Secretariat (Mrs.Emalda Sukumar, Divisional Secretary, Vavuniya) Summoned a meeting on Thursday 21 Jan 1999, in this meeting well wishers who are concerned about the persons with disabilities and representatives from Government organizations and Non-government organizations participated. Some key persons with disabilities who had already initiated a working committee in this regard under the president ship of Mr.V.Subramaniam and the secretary Mr.P.Thevamanoharan at the meeting held on 09.01.1999 had also participated at the meeting call by DS.

Thereafter, in order to inaugurate an organization to empower the persons with disabilities, a meeting was summoned 27th Jan 1999, Wednesday. By an organized group which was at the previous meeting organized by DS. 12.12.1998 in the inauguration meeting “ ORGANIZATION FOR REHABILITATION OF THE HANDICAPPED-VAVUNIYA DISTRICT” was inaugurated.